CleanAir Floor Mounted Fume Hood

The iQ Labs CleanAir floor mounted fume hood is designed to handle large laboratory equipment with roll-in accessibility. The full airfoil design of the LA-series side posts promotes smooth airflow around the sash perimeter. The Defender Series style post is also available. Two independent full-framed vertical rising sashes are standard with the CleanAir Series coming in several different widths and depths to accommodate your needs.

Color options

Standard Features

  • Welded superstructure for structural rigidity and design flexibility to contain large equipment and conveyances
  • Three-piece baffle system with three adjustable dampers to regulate lighter-than-air and heavier-than-air gases
  • Airfoil around top and sides of sash opening, with electrical fixtures and plumbing controls mounted on bias surface
  • Bypass grill with stamped louvers to control bypass air volume
  • Two independent, full-framed, stainless steel vertical sash with integral stainless steel finger pulls
  • Stainless steel sash guides, duct collar
  • Sash/counterweight pulley system utilizing four 2 ½”-diameter pulleys for one-finger sash movement; full-width counterweight featuring “Tilt-Lock” for additional safety and durability
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent light fixture – 2’ or 4’ (bulbs not included)

Add-on Equipment

  • Liner material – Standard poly resin liner
  • Electrical switches and receptacles. Also explosion-proof lighting and fixtures available.
  • Remote-controlled plumbing fixtures, with chrome or color-coded outlets. Pre-piped hard copper with soldered joints.
  • Choice of sashes – vertical rising (standard); top-hung horizontal sliding; combination (vertical /horizontal)
  • Ceiling enclosure
  • Air velocity monitor/alarm
  • Auxiliary air bonnet – supplements room air by supplying 70% of hood air from outside the building. Requires its own blower and duct.
  • Automatic sash closer
  • Work surface – cast epoxy, dished or flat
  • Blowers – selected to match hood and duct work configuration, corrosive or ignitable exhaust fumes

Why Buy a Walk in Floor Mounted Fume Hood from iQ Labs?

At iQ Labs, we understand that standard fume hoods don’t work for every application. Our walk-in series fume hoods help provide the additional space needed for specific jobs while maintaining a high level of safety for all uses. With experience building custom-sized, floor-mounted fume hoods, we provide the solutions that offer enough space for laboratory technicians and all equipment.

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