New Leadership and Future Growth

New Leadership and Future Growth

As of October 4, 2019, Iroquois Hoods and Cabinets is under new ownership and is looking towards a future of innovation and growth. After several months of due diligence and analysis, we took the keys of Iroquois and are beyond excited about carrying the flag of such a historic West Michigan manufacturing company into the future. We feel strongly that this is a company primed for growth in the laboratory equipment and manufacturing market and it currently rests on a foundation of high-quality products and services that will allow us to put Iroquois on the map as both a domestic and global leader in the industry.

Founded in 1957, Iroquois Hoods and Cabinets – formerly known as Iroquois Industries Incorporated – developed, tested and built laboratory equipment including; fume hoods, cabinetry, educational vision systems, counter tops and other various laboratory safety equipment. The company has experienced several changes in its long history and has been a leader in producing high-quality products. Our vision for the future? Get back to our historic company’s roots and do what made Iroquois successful for so many years – development/innovation, quality products, fast delivery and most importantly, giving our customers solutions to the challenges they face.

We realize that our plans for the future rest on our ability to hire and retain top talent and provide a company culture conducive to individual growth and opportunity. We have some of the best and most seasoned skilled tradesman around and our job as new ownership is to provide them with the tools necessary to do what they do – blend old school metal fabrication and assembly techniques with the technologies of today.

As of last month, we began the process of adding new fabrication staff, retiring outdated equipment and are now waiting on the delivery of new equipment that will increase our efficiency and allow us to continue to provide cost effective solutions to our customers. In addition to some of the new things happening around the shop and front office, we are also in the process of updating our website and will continue to update it’s content and overall layout heading into the new year, with our goal of making product information easy to view and understand, while streamlining the quoting process for our customers. We plan on publishing regular content in the form of blog posts, video, and micro-content through our Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms in order to share this journey of transformation and communicate the progress we are making along the way.

With our plans of growth comes the need for additional resources and we are excited to announce that Nikole Slaggert has joined our team as our Director of Sales and Marketing. Nikole brings a wealth of furniture industry and dealer knowledge to our team and has the competitive spirit, confidence and enthusiasm that makes for a great leader, while also embodying the core values and cultural integrity that we are looking to build at Iroquois.

In conclusion, this acquisition has been an exciting and humbling experience for us. As a team, we have gone “back to school” in a sense, taking on the challenge of acquiring a new organization and learning the ins-and-outs of a new industry. We are excited about the challenges that lie ahead, and most importantly, the relationships and memories that we will make as we grow and add members to our team. We look forward to serving our customers and community in the future and sharing that journey with you all.

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